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Zero Moto electric concept motorcycle

No doubt, electric cars / motos provide a clean, green and eco friendly mode of transportation. No doubt however, that their operating range still remains at low – compared to conventional vehicles – levels, therefore providing a major obstacle to their further penetration in the market.

Trying to deal with this matter, auto designers have been trying to come up with new ideas and interested concepts like the Zero Moto, proposed by the designer Wes Rhoad.

zero moto electric concept motorcycle by wes rhoad_3

The Zero Moto is inspired by Art Deco Steam Locomotives and features an all-wheel steering system. At slow speeds, the front and rear wheels turn opposite to each other to decrease turning radius. At highway speeds, the opposite happens as front and rear wheels turn in the same direction for quick lane changes.

The motorcycle is powered by electric motors that are positioned in the front and rear wheel hub assemblies with real-time torque control monitored by the on-board CPU.

Via Ecomagnificent