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Greece’s economic crisis strands sculpture for Washington’s Martin Luther King Jr. memorial

Το παρακάτω δημοσιεύτηκε σήμερα στην Washington Post. Τελικά φαίνεται ότι μας περισσεύουν τα λεφτά από τα μπατζάκια μας με αυτά που πάμε και τάζουμε.  Τι άλλο θα μάθουμε πείτε μου.

The Greeks’ offer was a gracious one: The giant pieces of sculpture for Washington’s new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial needed to be transported from China. Perhaps Greece, with its large shipping industry and admiration for the civil rights leader, could arrange for vessels to move the monument for free.

Officials planning the $120 million King memorial on the Tidal Basin were delighted. The cost savings would be substantial. And the connection to Greece and its ancient culture would be rich.

But now, with the 159 huge stone blocks that make up the sculpture waiting at a Chinese seaport and major work underway on the memorial site in Washington, Greek officials have told officials of the King project that they can’t deliver.

«They apologized and said their country is in dire straits and they will not be able to fulfill their promise,» said Ed Jackson Jr., the project’s executive architect. A spokesman at the Embassy of Greece in Washington confirmed that, saying no Greek shippers could be found to do the job. The «economic crisis bites everywhere,» he said.

British PM: Financially, we’re Greece, but with worse food and more rain

Και όμως, αυτά υποστήριξε ο νυν πρωθυπουργός της Αγγλίας Cameron σύμφωνα με τους New York Times ρίχνοντας και αυτός με την σειρά του την ευθύνη στις προηγούμενες κυβερνήσεις  (Brown, Blair κλπ), στις αλόγιστες κρατικές δαπάνες και στην στήριξη του τραπεζικού τομέα. 

Τελικά φαίνεται ότι έχουμε γίνει το benchmark για όλον τον κόσμο…